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Fort McCoy Phone Directory

For the full Fort McCoy Directory with all the numbers, hours, and locations you need, visit: http://basedirectory.com/army/fort-mccoy-directory

Fort McCoy Operator (Directory Assistance): 608-388-2222

Fort McCoy Commissary: 608-388-3542

Fort McCoy Exchange: 608-388-4343

Fort McCoy Billeting Office (BEQ/BOQ): 608-388-2107

Fort McCoy Fitness Center: 608-388-2290

Fort McCoy Barber Shop: 608-269-1710

Fort McCoy Medical Clinic: 608-388-3209

Fort McCoy Bowling: 608-388-7060

Fort McCoy Army Community Service: 608-388-3505

Fort McCoy Child Development Center: 608-388-2238